What can I do?

I create awesome digital products.

I've been working professionally as a developer since 2013. I've helped companies grow from small startups, and I've worked as part of large corporations as well.

As a software engineer, I'm fairly proficient with Javascript and the popular frameworks in that space, most predominantly React/Redux.

Where am I from?

I am from Balclutha, NZ. I grew up playing rugby, spending time on the farm and making memories with friends and family. I’ve since moved between in Dunedin, Wellington and Auckland.

Where have I been?

As of the start of 2017 I work for Pixel Fusion in Auckland. We make high-quality digital products and take pride in our work. Technologies we use include React with Redux and Laravel, but we don’t limit ourselves to specific frameworks.

Previously, I worked at MediaWorks as a front end developer. I worked with content management systems to integrate new advertising technology, updating designs, and creating brand new web properties.

I’ve also worked with start-up companies including Publons, KidsGoMobile and others who were involved in the first Lightning Labs in Wellington.

I co-founded a company called Last Minute Table in 2014 and worked as the technical lead, overseeing the development, applying design and managing servers and deployments.