So it finally happened. After telling people for years that the last place in New Zealand I wanted to move was Auckland, I have (rather predictably) moved to Auckland. It's too big, the houses are too expensive and it's too bloody hot. But it can't be all bad.

Leaving the capital

After living in a place for two year, it's hard not to grow attached. Even though 2013 was a bit rough, Wellington and the people in it were awesome (weather notwithstanding). With it's abundance of hipsters and strange love craft beers, the city begins to feel very small as you begin to meet people and find your way around. And I will definitely miss everybody from Natcoll, Poneke RFC, the Lightning Labs, the Vogelmorn Bowls Club and everyone in between.

Driving the North Island

Leaving Wellington with four energy drinks and a bittersweet taste in my mouth, I really looked forward to seeing the country. Although I lived in Wellington for two years, I never really got away from it all that much, so the entire trip was a new experience for me. Picking the highlight of the trip is dead simple: Mt Ruapehu and the Desert Road. With the sun pouring over it's still icy peak, the mountain looked really epic, and the large, empty area around it gave it a really unique feel compared the Central Otago ranges I'm used to. The whole drive took about 8 hours, but then another two stuck on the Auckland motorway.

Hold on, if you hate Auckland so much, why did you move there?

This one is really simple: work. After 17 months of study (with only a few weeks break), and about 7 months after that of very little work, I was in need of a steady job. Thankfully, MediaWorks heard my call (read: got my well-rehearsed cover letter) and gave me an internship in their interactive department as a front-end developer for six months.

Auckland: a two week review

She's pretty big eh.

Yes, it's big, warm, and diverse. I went for a three hour drive in the weekend and didn't go down the same road twice without even trying. To do that in Dunedin I'd need to crawl at about 30km an hour the whole time. But so far everybody I've met has been friendly and interesting, and I don't think that changes as much as people believe it does across the country. I somehow got roped into doing an in-house commercial with Jeremy Corbett on my second day of work, I went to Eden Park for the first time at the NRL Nines and I got to see the Auckland skyline in all it's glory. As much as I wanted to hate it, and a lot of me still does, it's been pretty good to me these first few weeks.