I recently rediscovered my old Year 12 Media Studies assignment on Youtube. It was recorded on tape, which somehow corrupted and the audio didn't match the video. It didn't have a storyline. It was trying to rip off a great 70's TV show. Its actors (including yours truly), director and cinematographer didn't take it seriously. Needless to say it's pretty much unwatchable.

Why not turn some horrible piece of almost film into Oscar Wilde's definition of art{:target="_blank"}. If you want to turn your awful old high-school assignment into something a little bit more workable, follow these steps:

Tools and materials

To edit this, I'll be using Adobe Premiere Pro and Adobe After Effects, and since the video is a ridiculously low 320x240, I won't need a lot computing power. I may or may not have had to break YouTube's Terms of Service to get my hands on the video, and for audio, go find yourself a cool artist on Soundcloud and try to get your hands on one of their songs. I chose the one below because it feels really nostalgic and creates a cool mood. Things like fonts and images are completely up to you. ART.


Editing the video to make it workable is very easy.

  1. Open up PP and import the video into a new sequence.
  2. Remove all sound from the original video.
  3. Set the video speed to double what it was recorded at to make up for all those dropped frames and overly long shots, and so it's not 8 minutes long.
  4. Save the video.
  5. We're done with composition. ART.

It doesn't much easier than that.

starchy dutch screenshot

Add "Artiness"

Now get that sequence that we've already made 50x better and open it in AE, and import your hipster song. Put the song over the video and play around to get them the about same length. Right-click the sequence, go to Effects -> Color Correction -> Black & White to add that old favourite of wannabe film-makers, black and white. Next, we'll add a new solid and follow this tutorial to give the video an arty light strobe effect. ART.

Voila, Art

Congratulations, if you have followed all my steps you will have a hipster video to show your old classmates.